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  • Created by pedagogical experts and practising teachers
  • Scientifically shown to improve mathematics performance
  • Adapts to the individual student and encourages independent learning
bettermarks is present in the following countries:
Germany German language
India English language
Uruguay Spanish language

Winner of multiple awards

„For the excellent quality of the sensitively designed
and appealing self-learning platform.“
Winner of the German Educational Media Prize "digita"
in 2011 and 2012, awarded by the Institute of Education.
The best online learning tool for
children 10 years and older.
Winner of the GIGA-Mouse awarded by
the parent magazine "Eltern family"
"We were very positively surprised. My daughter Kristin has started to enjoy mathematics thanks to bettermarks and she was able to improve her grade from a D to a B within half a year. We were able to save on our expensive tutor. Thanks bettermarks."
"Our daughters love bettermarks. They always have fun learning maths and are getting better all the time. We think it is great that they are doing something useful on the computer."
"Pia really enjoyed it. Here, children can learn intuitively
without fear and independently estimate their own
Stephan Kreutzer, father of Kristin
Otto Yon, father of Emilie
Christina Peters, mother of Pia